Why choose Food-Wise?

At Food-Wise, we believe you should only ever have to diet once!  That is why all our coaching efforts are aimed at helping our clients figure out how they got here in the first place.  Personalized coaching coupled with a medically developed weight loss protocol and the right foods are the best way to ensure long-lasting results.

Hello, my name is Lise Hamilton-Carrière and here is my story...

Like many of you, I have spent many years yo-yo dieting, over 20 years in fact. But that all stopped when I started educating myself as to how my body processed foods and ALSO how my mind reacted to them. Many think that over consumption of food happens between the hand and the mouth when in fact, it is driven from the mind... so it really happens above the nose!!!

No diet is a vaccine against weight gain, however promoting the preservation of your muscle mass has definite positive, long term repercussions. That being said, the real key to our program, and in fact our main focus, is on the personalized coaching. This means more than simply checking your daily food journal and seeing you one-on-one.

Personalized coaching means that we help your effort get your further and keep you there!

If athletes need coaches to guide them towards winning performances, and business people have coaches to guide them to great success, then doesn't it stand to reason that you should have a weight loss coach to ensure your optimal success too?

Food-Wise Weight Loss is an educational program geared at identifying what your relationship with food is. Our coaching is based on over 30 years of experience, and because you are different from everyone else, the sessions are done one-on-one!

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