The role of the coach is not to motivate but rather to inspire! Food-Wise is pleased to send to all current and past clients, a monthly inspirational newsletter to help them continue their progress even outside the clinic.

Below is a sample piece to help you start your journey!



When was the last time you used a pair of binoculars? Was it at a concert? An opera? To do some bird watching? When I was a teenager, we had a cottage looking out over the Ottawa River and we always had a pair of binoculars on the coffee table in front of the picture window. This way, when a great big yacht went by, we could quickly hold up the binoculars and take a good look!

Notice how binoculars allow you to bring close into view something that is otherwise far away and hard to see. They also have a nifty FOCUS button that makes the image sharp even if your eyesight is less than 20/20. The best part though is that while you are looking through them, you can’t see a darn thing of what is going on around you! Ever notice that?

So here is a pair of binoculars for you. As you start on your weight loss journey, your determination will be tested over and over again. Use these binoculars to see with laser FOCUS, the YOU that is currently only a fuzzy distant image. Bring that image close to you and remember it as people offer you food that you can’t have… Say to yourself, “How I wish you could see the ME that I will be in just a few short weeks. I wish you could see the ME that I see through my binoculars!” If you are dieting for an upcoming event in particular, use the binoculars to look at YOURSELF in that event, not others in attendance. Look at yourself in other settings too, at work, at play, at social gatherings and listen… Bet you can already hear the compliments that will surely come your way as people start to notice the change in you. Best of all, use the binoculars to cut out the “stuff” around you that is blocking you from concentrating on your GOAL. Remember, this is your last diet so make it as short as you can. The good part is up ahead, I promise!

OK, so you are wondering "what binoculars is she talking about?". Well, I saw a kid recently cupping his hands around his eyes in a make-shift pair of binoculars and had to smile. I tried it later when nobody was looking and found that it worked almost as well as a real pair. Try it for yourself as an exercise to help tune out the temptations around you and remember, nobody else can see the image that you are focusing on when you look through your make-shift binoculars so don’t expect them to understand. Once they see where your determination has gotten you, they will get it too!

Have a great day / week / month!


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