Online Ordering System (OOS)

Advantages of


  • Shop from the comfort of your home
  • Plan better without feeling rushed by the time limit in clinic
  • Coordinate better your leftover inventory
  • Use time for coaching in clinic instead of shopping!
  • Your order is ready for you at your appointment!
  • Find out about new products as they come in!
  • See a picture of all the products
  • No payment made online – pay by Debit, Credit or Cash in clinic!
  • Totally mobile friendly!
Where to find the OOS? The new Online Ordering System is connected to your Ideal Smart app.  You can access it right on your phone!
  1. Go to: and login or register as a new patient/dieter  OR  Download from your app store the IdealSmart app.
  2. When registering, choose Food-Wise Weight Loss as your clinic.
  3. If this is your first time registering, please email me a note to advise that you have registered as the system is slow to send me the notice of new registration.  I will activate your account as soon as I see your email. (
  4. Each item is displayed as single units and there are no prices attached so if you want a full box please ask for 7 units (6 for ready-to-serve and IP Complete)
  5. Use this shopping list (FW_Shopping List_DEC-2019) to guide you.
    • Items that are shaded are Restricted.
    • Items that have a **7 or **6 are tax exempt when you purchase that amount.
  6. When you have added all your desired products to the cart, simply submit.  No need to add your address or your phone number as contact details will already be in your profile!
  7. Remember that every week, you need to select a total of 21 products for Phase 1 compliance (no more than 7 Restricted items)
  8. Don’t forget your Supplements which are mandatory.
  9. DEADLINE TO SUBMIT YOUR ODER: 10:00 AM on the business day before your appointment. If your appointment is on Monday, your deadline is Friday at 10:00 am.
Special comment: There is a note section in the IdealSmart app, please use it to indicate when your next appointment is scheduled for.  Thank you.