For many years now, you have known me to promote the Ideal Protein method and products, and although I continue to be committed to this method and the amazing products, there are times when people, for an array of reasons, cannot use the products to achieve their weight loss. There are also situations where, even with the utmost care and coaching, clients start regaining their weight in the maintenance phase and it breaks my heart because it is not their body that fails them, the method is just not the right one. Truth be told, I am one of those people which is what finally pushed me to seek a different approach.

Why Keto?

Over the last few months, I have acquired an additional expertise, that of Certified Ketogenic Coach. Keto diets are all the rage right now and for all the right reasons! That being said, there are probably 80% of the books out there that I would never recommend as they use way too many dairy products (which cause inflammation in the body - NOT GOOD!!!) and they lead people to believe that keto is not an exact science. So people buy a book and try to do this on their own and cannot achieve their goal and as a result feel like they have failed and stop believing that this can work for them!

Furthermore, people trying to do keto on their own don't feel well and they blame themselves! Having a coach has always been important because we simply cannot coach ourselves! The reason for that is, we are not accountable to ourselves and the knowledge that we have is limited. When we enter a new field (or one that we have been in before, again and again), we need new eyes a fresh look so to speak, and new wisdom! Believe me, the field of Ketogenic eating is not as easy as eating unlimited protein and fat! If it were, all I would need to do is include the title of a book!!!

One of the dangers of doing keto on your own is that you might:

  • not properly supplement the missing vitamins and minerals!
  • eat too many dairy products and increase inflammation!
  • eat too many calories and not achieve weight loss!
  • not know which fat is good and as a result, eat too many of the wrong kind!
  • put your health at risk!!!

Your health is too important to me to take that risk!!!

So here's what you get in Ketogenic Living 101:

  • The Complete Ketogenic Living 101 Program Guide to Kickstart Your Keto Journey
  • Personal Keto Health Assessment
  • My Two Week Carb Cleanse Menu
  • 4 Week Sample Keto Meal Plan with Macronutrients
  • The Best Keto Products + Grocery Shopping Guide
  • Daily Keto Recipes
  • Private Facebook Group Membership Support
  • Access to Ketogenic Living expert, Lise Hamilton-Carrière for Personal Coaching & Support
  • Calculating, Setting, and Tracking Your Daily Macronutrient Goals
  • Feedback on Your Daily Intake & Food Logs
  • My #KETOonthego Grab & Go Guide
  • Easy Workouts to Optimize Your New Keto Lifestyle
  • Keto Meal Prep Tips & Ideas
  • Live Q&A's
  • Access to Exclusive Ketogenic Living 101 Recipes

This program is 7 weeks in total: 1 prep week, 2 carb-cleanse weeks and 4 weeks of being keto adapted,

all for the price of $395 (+HST)!