Our Approach

Most weight loss programs offer a solution that aims at dealing with the excess weight.   It was clear to us from the get go that what our clients needed was an approach that dealt with the mindset so that whenever there was a loss of control, our clients learned how to recover quickly before any serious damage was done.

Our Story

Eight years ago I had a vision to bring to the weight loss world something new!  I wanted to help people not only lose weight but more importantly figure out how the weight had been gained in the first place.  If I could help people resolve why they ate their emotions or ate their stress then I could help them lose weight and keep it off!

Meet the Team

You will quickly notice that our team is small!  That's because the qualities that make a coach acceptable for the Food-Wise team is not something we can teach.  We want people who have been through the process, understand that we can't shame people into changing their behaviour and who would we be anyway if we passed judgement to those who are stuck in the same place where we once were!


Lise Hamilton-Carrière

Founder & CEO

Mastermind Session Leader
Certified Weight Loss Coach / Certified Ketogenic Coach

Kathlene Allen

Certified Coach


Kathlene has been with our team for over six years.  She is a full-time teacher who finds time to coach a few hours every week because she believes that there are very few organizations in our industry who really care about the client, and she wants to do her part is making our world a better place!

Next Steps...

If you have been yo-yo dieting and don't know who to turn to anymore, if you have tried them all and want to get off the merry go round, all you need to do is call and ask to speak with Lise.  Ours may be the program you have been searching for!