Are you serious about losing weight for the last time?

Welcome to our new Online Ordering System!    

Dear Valued Client,

We are very excited to launch our new Online Ordering System (OOS) for placing your weekly order… from anywhere… including your smart phone! 

Advantages of OOS: 

  • Find out about new products instantly!
  • Create My favourites!
  • Fill out your personal info only once!
  • No more software issues!
  • Totally IPad or Mac compatible!
  • Ecofriendly - reduces the use of paper and ink!

Where to find the OOS?

From this page, click on blue shopping cart button above and bookmark the page for future orders


Go to


1-    Use this Shopping List as a guide to prepare your order.

2-    Start Order process with the OOS

3-    Select pick-up location as first item and add the DAY of your appointment
     (During the check out when you can only select ASAP as time of pick up, the reason of this
      step will become clear to you) ;-)

4-    Add Non-restricted items (14 minimum for Phase I clients)

5-    Add Restricted items (Aim for 7 unless you are ordering extras)

6-    Don’t forget your Supplements?

7-    Need any Walden Farms Products?

8 - Proceed to check-out:
     - Service Type: click on Pick-up; NEXT
     - Date & Time: USE ASAP (it's the only option) press NEXT
     - Payment: $or Credit (incl Debit); NEXT
       - Click Review Order (green button on right side of the screen)
       - Click Place Order (scroll down to see the green button at bottom of screen)

9-    Submit by 10:00 AM previous business day.

Advantages of pre‑ordering: 

  • Shop from the comfort of your home
  • Plan better without feeling rushed by time limit in clinic
  • Coordinate better your leftover inventory
  • Use time for coaching in clinic instead of shopping!

Special notes:

  • First time users need to register by creating a username and password
  • Orders payable on pick-up


There are no deliveries through this system.  It is reserved for Food-Wise Weight Loss clients only and should not be mistaken for the online sale of product.  Clients must schedule a time to receive coaching and pick up their orders.

Thank you for your valued business and for the opportunity to journey with you towards your weight loss goal.

Your coaching team!